The ECO3

The ECO3 saves an average 20% energy used by air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump compressors.

Payback in as little as 12 months.

The ECO3 is a retrofit product, acting as an intelligent link between the compressor and the controller or thermostat. Installation is quick, easy and safe for your cooling system, and you will see energy savings right away.


How ECO3 Saves Energy

Lead the Energy Evolution

More about Smartcool

How ECO3 Saves Energy Lead the Energy Evolution More about Smartcool

Savings Check

Savings Check


"With the record high temperatures we experienced all summer long in 2010, we must lower our AC electricity bills. Smartcool's technology is an important part of our solution."

Matt Lundstrom, Vice President, Veritage Management Inc.

“With Smartcool technology, we are looking at the potential to save over $50,000 each year. Every dollar we save on our operations can be invested in our communities.”

Tim Ackerman, VP of Buildings & Grounds, YMCA Suncoast

“In the first full month our Smartcool ECO3 was installed, our family had the lowest electricity bill in 11 years! We saved almost $100 in just a month.”

Harrison Hine, Homeowner

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