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Building Global Energy Efficiency with Smart Technology

Smartcool is a clean technology company, committed to improving the energy efficiency of their customers around the world.

Smartcool was launched in 2004 as a distributor of the ESM, a highly advanced energy efficiency retrofit product developed in Australia. Smartcool quickly became the sole North American distributor for the ESM and shortly thereafter purchased the intellectual property behind the ESM and all other assets from the Australian company.

By 2006, Smartcool was leading an international network of independent distributors in delivering energy efficiency with the ESM to end customers.

In 2009, Smartcool presented the ECO3 to a global market. The ECO3 is the latest in the ESM product line, providing the same energy savings advantages in a more economical package for smaller air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems.

Smartcool is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada and publicly listed on the Toronto Venture Stock Exchange (TSX-V: SSC). Smartcool has regional offices in Spring, Texas and Alton, UK. Smartcool sells the ECO3 and ESM directly to major multinational corporations, and to smaller companies through its extensive network of independent distributors.

A full listing of Smartcool distributors is available on the main corporate site.

Savings Check

Savings Check

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“With the ECO3 we are able to provide our customers with the same high quality climate control they expect, while saving them money and ultimately greenhouse gas emissions."

Bruce Kemp, President of Van’s Electric

“We are enjoying a great deal of success as a distributor of Smartcool’s ECO3, which is an important addition to the energy efficiency solutions we offer our customers.”

Doug Overvold, President of Total Energy Concepts

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