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Meet the Team
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Meet the Team

Our management group...

George Burnes - President & CEO

George has led Smartcool to become a globally recognized energy efficiency company, powered by a uniquely talented team. When George isn't busy running the show at Smartcool, he is usually out perfecting his game on the golf course, playing hockey, rooting for the Canucks, enjoying a good book at home, or catching up with his three grown kids.
UK: +44 1420 544868

Kim Nguyen - Chief Financial Officer

Kim keeps a keen eye on Smartcool's financial health and well-being. In her rare moments of relaxation, Kim enjoys spending quality time with friends and family.
Canada +1 604 669 1388

Steven Martin - Executive Vice President

Steven takes a hands-on approach in direct sales and service for major customers, when he doesn't have his hands full with his four kids. He uses his time on the road between customers to keep up on pop culture research and maintain his status as Smartcool's trivia buff and pub quiz ringer. Steven is an avid motorcyclist, going so far as to bike across North America just to visit the Vancouver office.
UK: +44 1420 544868

Chris Lefaivre - Vice President of Operations

Chris manages distribution and sales for the Americas, giving him plenty of opportunity to catch Canucks games across North America. Chris plays hockey, has an unusually vast store of sports trivia to add to any conversation, and has been known to outfit his two little girls in head to toe sports paraphernalia. Apart from sports, Chris also enjoys traveling and exploring new cities on foot during his many business trips for Smartcool.
Canada: +1 604 669 1388

Dan Weaver - Director of Infrastructure Solutions

Dan is Smartcool's product development mastermind. While most of his work is top-secret genius stuff, Dan still takes the time to entertain coworkers with his latest model train or indoor helicopter test flights. He has been known to wax poetic about Bernard, his trusty silver Skoda, and of course Brighton and Hove Albion, his beloved football team.
UK: +44 1420 544868

Katy Campbell - Director of Communications

Katy is Smartcool's marketing, manual-writing, report-reviewing, web-designing, Twittering whirlwind. When she runs out of office action verbiage, Katy can be found trail running, sailing, mountain biking, camping, researching for her next adventure, or sharing her excitement about a pint of heavily hopped homebrew ale on her beer blog.
UK: +44 1420 544868

Bruce Kemp - Director of ECO3 Distributor Support

Bruce spends an inordinate amount of time baking on roofs or wedged into small spaces as he trains and supports ECO3 distributors across the US. Bruce likes to escape on ski holidays, boating and fishing trips, brew a batch of beer and spend time with his two sons when he's not on the road or a rooftop for Smartcool.
USA: +1 866 571 6554

Martin Killner - Director of Distributor Support

Martin is a veteran traveler as he roams the world training and supporting Smartcool distributors. The thing he misses the most when he's on the road is his precious bass, and he gets back on stage with his band Super Fly at every opportunity. When not rocking out, Martin searches for marmite-laden foods, indulges occasionally in fine red wine and practices the art of embarrassing his teenage daughter.
UK: +44 1420 544868

Richard Conry - Project Manager

Richard manages Smartcool projects with unending calm and patience. The veneer of gentility falls apart weekends on the rugby pitch when Richard brutalizes the opposing team, or weekdays in the office as he terrorizes coworkers with his erratic model helicopter flight patterns.
UK: +44 1420 544868

Amber Edwards - Resource & Supply Manager

Amber's ability to coordinate timely international inventory shipments across multiple warehouses and customs zones may make her seem like an extremely advanced robot. But she is a real person, and proud mother of two energetic young humans. Honest.
USA: +1 866 571 6554

André Tailleur - Business Development Manager

Andre is Smartcool's most linguistically talented team member, working with customers and distributors in English, French, Spanish, and with sufficiently dramatic hand gestures, even Italian. When not practicing his HVAC-R grammar, Andre enjoys spending time with his family.
UK: +44 1420 544868

Garry Waterhouse - Technical Manager

Garry's quiet demeanor is an ineffective cover for his technical brilliance and ruthless excellence in delivering Smartcool installations and technical support. Garry is a devoted follower of the Southampton football club
UK: +44 1420 544868

Chris Handford - Project Manager

Chris has an eye for detail and perfection that not only helps him deliver projects to Smartcool's customers, but also helps him coach a woman's rowing team to victory year 'round. When not haranguing women on the water, Chris can be found leading his team on training rides and spending quality time with a pint in the pub.
UK: +44 1420 544868

Amanda Devine - Project Manager

Amanda's delivers perfectly polished and brilliantly executed projects for Smartcool customers. Amanda keeps on top of her A-game with long country walks, regular camping adventures, killer high heels, and the occasional glass of bubbly.
UK: +44 1420 544868

Shona Smith - Office Manager

Shona gets Smartcool dressed for work each day, packs its lunch, tucks in its shirt and gets it on the bus on time. Shona's incredible organizational skills not only keep Smartcool running smoothly, but also keep her two teenage girls in line. All this and she is still able to maintain a stunning array of musical knowledge handy for keeping Smartcool's team dominant at the local pub quiz night.
UK: +44 1420 544868

Mick Mailey - Controls Engineer

Mick is a fearless fighter for efficiency excellence, battling against energy hogging HVAC-R at every Smartcool installation. Hidden behind his mild-mannered persona, Mick's constant energy efficiency vigilance is assisted by his sleek red VW getaway van and motorcycle.
UK: +44 1420 544868

Perry Edsell - Controls Engineer

Perry is a cold-blooded controls expert, assessing the situation in any Smartcool installation in the blink of an eye and delivering ideal results in two (blinks). Inefficient HVAC-R gets a temporary stay of execution when Perry is engrossed in home DIY projects like building the ultimate BBQ-patio-party platform.
UK: +44 1420 544868

Yolanda Munoz - Accountant

Yolanda manages Smartcool's European accounts with the strict discipline of a drill sergeant. Or a biker. In her spare time, Yolanda enjoys terrorizing British country lanes on her motorbike, but can sometimes be caught in a more docile mood in her vegetable garden or baking goodies (from a biker cookbook of course) for her husband and/or coworkers.
UK: +44 1420 544868

George Burnes Kim Nguyen Steven Martin Chris Lefaivre

...Leads a global team of energy efficiency experts

Dan Weaver Katy Campbell Bruce Kemp Martin KilnerRichard Conry Chris Handford Amber Edwards Andre TailleurGarry Waterhouse Mick Mailey Perry Edsell Amanda DevineShona Smith Yolanda Munoz

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