Lead the ECO3 Energy Evolution

Opportunities available for ECO3 Distribution

Companies around the world have chosen to distribute the ECO3. Some have built their entire business around it. Here's why:


Wide open field

  • Massive market with high demand. The ECO3 is compatible with over 100,000,000 cooling systems in the USA alone and offers something everyone wants: to spend less money on their cooling.
  • No direct competition. The ECO3 is the best energy efficiency product on the market. No other product delivers the same consistently strong energy and cost savings with the same peace of mind.
  • Account protection. Smartcool protects its distributors by offering named account protection. If you have already developed a relationship with a potential customer, we make sure you reap the rewards of your hard work.



Industry leading profit margins

  • Low entry investment. Smartcool requires a low initial investment from distributors, and every penny you pay comes back to you in the form of Smartcool product or training and support. There are no franchise fees and you don't have to "pay to play". We develop long term relationships and steady growth with our distributors.
  • Work smarter, not harder. The ECO3 is easily installed in an hour by any electrician with HVAC-R experience and Smartcool training. Distributors sell the labour and a market leading product, wining more margin than on HVAC-R maintenance contracts.
  • Rapid payback. Distributors make great margins without compromising the excellent economics of a rapid return on investment for their customers.



Top quality support

  • Initial training package. We provide new distributors with an in-depth technical and sales training session by one of our dedicated Smartcool Trainers to point you in the right direction for success.
  • Reference library. Distributors receive access to an online library filled with Smartcool reference material and tools to help you build your ECO3 business as easily as possible.
  • Technical support. Smartcool has dedicated technical support for distributors, available by phone or email at any time.
  • Marketing and sales support. We have a selection of marketing brochures and handouts for distributor use, and work with distributors to publicize their successes. Our sales team is available to advise on customer tactics and business development strategies.
  • On-going communication. Smartcool publishes a monthly newsletter for distributors, keeping you up to date on product development, recent successes and other ECO3 news.

Savings Check

Savings Check


“With the ECO3 we are able to provide our customers with the same high quality climate control they expect, while saving them money and ultimately greenhouse gas emissions."

Bruce Kemp, President of Van’s Electric

“We are enjoying a great deal of success as a distributor of Smartcool’s ECO3, which is an important addition to the energy efficiency solutions we offer our customers.”

Doug Overvold, President of Total Energy Concepts

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