4 Steps to ECO3 Success

Smartcool distribution offers flexibility for your energy efficiency business

Becoming an ECO3 distributor is fast, easy and a great opportunity to be an Energy Evolution Leader. Here's how you get started:


Call us at +1-866-571-6554 (USA) or email info@smartcool.net

We can explain the whole process of becoming an ECO3 distributor and how it specifically relates to you and your company. Want to call our UK office instead? Dial +44 1420 544868.



Qualify to become an ECO3 distributor

We want you to succeed. To give you the best chance of success, we want to make sure you have the basic tools to work with the ECO3:

  • Experience working with some combination of energy efficiency products or services, HVAC-R products or services, or facility management services
  • An electrician or electrical engineer with HVAC-R experience
  • Be able to dedicate one technical and one sales personnel to working with the ECO3



Deal or distribute?

Smartcool offers two models for prospective distributors to follow, and you can choose which would be most appropriate for you:


    ECO3 Dealer

    ECO3 Distributor

    Sales & marketing support

    On-call technical support

    Protected client list

    Smartcool reference library access

    Smartcool Network Newsletter

    Initial on-site training package

    At cost


    Volume purchasing discounts


    Ability to nominate sub-dealers


    Access to referrals from operating region


    Initial inventory purchase minimum

    Listing on www.smartcool.net distributor directory


    Trainer mentoring for sub-dealer network




    Train for success

    Smartcool provides initial sales and technical training to dealers and distributors to get you started on the right foot. You will also be given access to our exclusive Distribution Network, an online library of support materials to give you the best chance of success. Now you are ready to lead the ECO3 Energy Evolution!


Savings Check

Savings Check


“With the ECO3 we are able to provide our customers with the same high quality climate control they expect, while saving them money and ultimately greenhouse gas emissions."

Bruce Kemp, President of Van’s Electric

“We are enjoying a great deal of success as a distributor of Smartcool’s ECO3, which is an important addition to the energy efficiency solutions we offer our customers.”

Doug Overvold, President of Total Energy Concepts

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