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ECO3 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ECO3?

The ECO3 is a retrofit energy efficiency product that will save an average of 15% kWh on the operation of one and two compressor air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump units.


How does it work?

The ECO3 uses intelligent compressor optimization to save energy. It analyses the operation of the compressor and uses this data to alter when and for how long the compressor runs.

The ECO3 ensures that the compressor is running at its most energy efficient as much as possible, rather than allowing it to run too often under less energy efficient conditions.

With the ECO3, the run time of the compressor is reduced by an average of 30% while allowing the compressor to maintain temperature. This results in energy savings of about 15% kWh.


Where does it work?

The ECO3 saves energy on any one or two compressor (or stage) air conditioning, refrigeration or heat pump units.

These include residential and commercial units such as roof top units, refrigerated food display cases, and swimming pool heat pumps.

See our ECO3 Case Studies page for real-world examples of energy savings with the ECO3.


How can I tell the ECO3 is saving energy?

The ECO3 has a large display screen where you can read savings as they happen.

By pressing the Enter button on the front of the product, you can scroll through the hours the ECO3 is logging under various operating conditions (Run, Save, Bypass and Override).

The ‘Save’ hours indicate how many hours the ECO3 has prevented your compressor from running when it otherwise would have- i.e. the number of hours of saved energy the ECO3 has achieved.

Smartcool has a simple online Energy Savings Calculator where you can enter your hours to find out how much compressor run time and actual energy you are saving.


What is the difference between manual bypass and automatic override?

Manual bypass is an optional setting on the ECO3, where you can choose to remove it from the compressor control circuit. Manual bypass can be set for a specific amount of time, during which the ECO3 will not have any effect on the cooling system. This can be useful if your system needs maintenance, or if you want to compare operating conditions with and without the ECO3 involved in the circuit.

Automatic override is the ECO3 failsafe feature. When the compressor is under unusually high load or experiencing a failure of some kind that makes it struggle to achieve temperature settings, the ECO3 will automatically remove itself from the control circuit.


What does the flashing red light on the ECO3 display mean?

The flashing red light means that the ECO3 is currently in automatic override, or that you have pressed the Enter button in order to check automatic override hours.

A solid red light indicates the ECO3 is in manual bypass or you are checking manual bypass hours logged by the ECO3.


How is it installed?

The ECO3 is installed in about an hour by any electrical engineer with guidance from Smartcool.

The ECO3 is mounted on any wall or other flat surface using its back plate and four screws or fasteners. It is then wired between the thermostat or primary controller and up to two compressors or stages.

Smartcool provides installers with a full installation manual including basic wiring diagrams and initial performance testing, and installation videos are available for reference online.


Will it short cycle my compressor or otherwise damage my equipment or affect my warranty?

No. The ECO3 cannot cause short cycling (also known as over-cycling) or other damage to equipment and will not impact manufacturer warranties.

Off times caused by the products are a minimum of a few minutes and the number of off times that can be caused by the product per hour are well within the limits of the compressor designs.

A test of Smartcool's technology was performed by the Oak Ridge National Labs and they saw improved cycle rates in a multi-compressor environment. Additionally, during a test by a major retailer, cycle rates and cycle times of the compressors was monitored on over 38 single and dual compressor rooftop units with minimal impact and even some improvement seen.

You can find full independent test results of Smartcool's technology on our corporate site.


Can it save energy on new equipment?

Yes. The ECO3 has been installed on new equipment and is still able to achieve an average 15% kWh savings even on new, modern compressors with ‘smart’ controllers.

In a recent installation in Pennsylvania, Smartcool's ECO3 achieved 30% kWh savings on refrigeration units that were less than 3 years old.

No matter how new the equipment, compressors continue to have natural inefficiencies that can only be resolved using Smartcool's unique algorithms in the ECO3.


Where do I get an ECO3?

Contact Smartcool today to get your ECO3 and start saving energy.

Smartcool has a network of certified local distributors to support customers, and we will put you in touch with the distributor closest to you.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor, give us a call at +1-866-571-6554 or email us at to start the conversation.

Savings Check

Savings Check


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“With the ECO3 we are able to provide our customers with the same high quality climate control they expect, while saving them money and ultimately greenhouse gas emissions."

Bruce Kemp, President of Van’s Electric

“We are enjoying a great deal of success as a distributor of Smartcool’s ECO3, which is an important addition to the energy efficiency solutions we offer our customers.”

Doug Overvold, President of Total Energy Concepts

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